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Real Estate Endowment Scholarships and California Association of REALTORS. ® Scholarships

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The student application period for academic year 2015-2016 California Community College Real Estate Scholarships as administered by the Foundation for the California Community Colleges is at an end. Each qualified community college scholarship recipient received $400.00 per semester or $800 for the academic year. Many more students might have received a scholarship had they applied. This could be YOU!

Applications for this scholarship for academic year 2016-2017 will be available in September 2016 . Plan now to apply. Ensure you have at least a “C” GPA in your real estate classes. Ask your real estate instructor to write a letter of recommendation. Check back to this site for full application details and materials as they become available.

The private real estate scholarships administered previously by the CA Community College Chancellor’s Office are now administered by the Cerritos College Foundation of behalf of the Real Estate Education Center. The scholarship fund is approximately $14,500.00 as of April 15, 2015. In this fund is money donated by private individuals, not the CalBRE or State of California, for purposes of real estate scholarships in the name of Bob Bruss and Dennis McKenzie. The center is seeking a philanthropic partner to match individual donations to this private scholarship fund on a 1 to 1 or 1 to many basis. Contact the Real Estate Education Center director at The California Real Estate Endowment Advisory Board oversees the use of these funds for community college student real estate scholarships.

Anyone wishing to donate to this scholarship fund can do so directly by clicking on the donation link. Donations by check payable to the “Cerritos College Foundation” noting on the check that funds are directed to real estate scholarships can be U.S. mailed to the Real Estate Education Center located at the City College of San Francisco, Downtown Campus. All donations will be acknowledged with a receipt. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. CerittosFoundation Fed Tax ID Letter-1

To donate to the Real Estate Education Scholarship, click here

Next C.A.R ® Scholarship Application Deadline: coming soon! See the following links.

The next deadline for the C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation has yet caorto be determined. There are 3 scholarship application deadlines per year. The Scholarship Foundation gives Scholarships three times a year during every C.A.R.® Board of Directors Meeting.

The Scholarship Trustees give away about a dozen or so scholarships during each meeting depending on the number of qualified applicants and the maximum budget.

The C.A.R. Education Foundation has one deadline for the year. The C.A.R. Education Foundation gives grants away during every Fall C.A.R.® board of directors meeting each year.

To find out more about each foundation and download the application please visit the C.A.R.® web pages at:

C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation:

C.A.R. Education Foundation:

California Association of REALTORS® Scholarship FOUNDATION Eligibility guidelines, Information and Application

“Thank you campus Financial Aid and Scholarship Office staff for your efforts in support of vocational Real Estate students.”