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scholarship letter of recommendation template

Do you know a deserving student to recommend for a California Community Colleges Real Estate Endowment or California Association of Realtors scholarship? We have created a Letter of Recommendation template for you! Please complete and add additional information as needed, and print on your college's letterhead. Don't forget to sign it!

Enrollment & success data

Information on statewide enrollment and success data for real estate classes is publicly available online on the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s website through Datamart.

Look under Queries/ Outcomes/ Retention & Success Rates. 

In order to download a report, select: Collegewide Search, All Colleges (or specific colleges), Term (or multiple terms). Under the dropdown menu for Program Type, open Business and Management-05 and select Real Estate-0511. Select instructional methods. This will provide you with enrollment and success data.

To include gender/age group/ethnicity data, check boxes for gender/age group/ethnicity under Demographic Options.

This will create a report that may be reviewed online or downloaded as an Excel file.

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