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Find an open position teaching real estate & appraisal classes in the california community colleges

Do you want to teach real estate or appraisal classes at a California community college? CCC Registry allows you to easily search for open positions across the state by entering the key words "real estate" in the search field. 



scholarship letter of recommendation template

Do you know a deserving student to recommend for a California Community Colleges Real Estate Endowment or California Association of Realtors scholarship? We have created a Letter of Recommendation template for you! Please complete and add additional information as needed, and print on your college's letterhead. Don't forget to sign it!

Enrollment & success data

Information on statewide enrollment and success data for real estate classes is publicly available online on the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s website through Datamart.

Look under Queries/ Outcomes/ Retention & Success Rates. 

In order to download a report, select: Collegewide Search, All Colleges (or specific colleges), Term (or multiple terms). Under the dropdown menu for Program Type, open Business and Management-05 and select Real Estate-0511. Select instructional methods. This will provide you with enrollment and success data.

To include gender/age group/ethnicity data, check boxes for gender/age group/ethnicity under Demographic Options.

This will create a report that may be reviewed online or downloaded as an Excel file.

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