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Three Reasons We're Sharing More Real Estate Education Data

At CCCREEC, we’re making an effort to share more data about real estate programs and the need to effectively assess enrollment rates, retention, and success measures for various types of students enrolled in real estate education in the California Community Colleges. Knowing your program and your students will help you build the right type of program and real estate classes for your community.

Why are we emphasizing data and how can it help? Here are three reasons why real estate program data is important:

  1. Data tells a story. Data is the evidence that helps you shape the story of your real estate program, recognize successes and challenges, and help you examine what’s really going on with your real estate program. Data will help you share the true story of your real estate program with prospective students, college administrators and deans, and your colleagues. How do you help change lives and improve career options for your students? Data will give you the story.

  2. Data helps you make evidence-based decisions. Without data, decision making is often based on assumptions or anecdotes. Want to make sure your program decisions will be effective in the long run? Use data effectively to help you advocate for your program, update your curriculum, collaborate effectively, and assess your efforts to innovate and develop your real estate program.

  3. Data guides program improvements. We know you want your California Community College program to be the best it can be - to support equitable student success, help your students find great careers that connect them more deeply with their communities and build meaningful lives, and find satisfaction in your own work to make a difference for students. Data helps you identify the right path forward in improving and growing your real estate program.

Are you ready for a more personalized data collection and analysis for your college? Want to dig deeper into enrollment trends, student success, and how you can teach your students more effectively? Contact us!

We’re here to help you turn data into meaningful, evidence-based stories that guide your student and program success.

Student Success in Delayed Interaction Education vs Non-Distance Education

Based on student success data from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, a gap remains in the student success rates for students who enroll in delayed interaction (internet based) classes when compared to non-distance education methods. Students who enroll in non-distance education are more likely to successfully complete and pass the class.

Student Success in Non Distance & Delayed Interaction Real Estate Classes

Data from California Community College Chancellor's Office Data Mart:

Ready to learn more about improving student success rates for students who enroll in online and hybrid delayed interactions classes? Register to attend our fall 2019 Real Estate Education Center conference in Newport Beach and stay for the post-conference workshop on Canvas!