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Update Your Program Webpage

Enrollment Action Item: Check your web page. Is your name, email, and phone number accessible to current and prospective students?

Does it really matter if you have your contact information on your website? Don’t today’s students just want to sign up for classes on a phone and take online classes at their convenience? Isn’t the point of the college’s website to answer their questions if they just took the time to look it up?

According to Harvard Business Review online, person-to-person contact still matters!

A consumer may prefer to make plans with friends over text message, or to order a pizza online, but when faced with a complex purchase, these preferences often change. When making a significant decision, like applying for a first-time mortgage or exploring a potential bathroom remodel, most consumers want to talk to a qualified human expert. According to a study by Google, 61% of mobile users call a business when they’re in the purchase phase of the buying cycle. The majority of respondents would call instead of reach out online because they’re looking to get a quick answer (59%) or talk to a real person (57%). especially in a complex process like choosing a career education program, applying to the college, clearing prerequisites, and registering for classes. [link to article]

You know the significant investment you make in your classes. You want students to learn the information and practice the skills that will help them be successful in real estate careers. Your students are about to make a significant investment in their future by taking real estate courses at a California Community College. They want to make sure this is a good investment, and you can help your future students succeed!

Applying to college, clearing prerequisites, choosing the right classes, and registering is a complex process, but you can help! You know your college’s processes, you know the names and extensions of the people they should talk to in order to solve registration problems, and you can answer questions and provide the personal connection that contributes to student success. Often students are just looking for a human to hear their concerns, answer questions, or point them to the next person who can help.

Want to increase enrollment in your real estate classes? Be accessible. Make sure your contact information is on your college’s real estate web page. Return phone calls and emails promptly. If a student or potential student has a problem you can’t solve, try to pass students to the next person who can help them, not just another web page. These person-to-person interactions are more likely to lead to student enrolling in your classes. [hrb online, 2017]

Ready to take action? Enrollment Action Item: Check your web page. Is your name, email, and phone number accessible to current and prospective students?

If you don’t want to publish your email address, make sure to embed or link to a contact form that will send you an email.

If you teach remotely or don’t have a dedicated phone number for your real estate program, consider setting up an app based text/phone service like Whats App or Google Voice to protect your private phone number. [Need help with this? Contact CCCREEC]