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Real Estate Instructor Guides

We are excited to present a new format for the CCC Real Estate Education Center Instructor Guides based on faculty submissions. We welcome your submissions of assignments, lectures, videos, activities, essays, interviews, expert contacts, or any information that has helped your students better understand real estate concepts in your classes.

Send your submissions to: and include the following informatioN:
1. Your name
2. Your school
3. The class or Classes best suited for this information (ex: real estate principles, real estate appraisal, legal aspects of real estate, etc.)
4. Permission for CCCREEC to post your submission and share it with other ccc real estate instructors for instructional purposes

All submissions will be vetted by cccreec faculty advisors, who reserve the right to make minor edits or deny content that does not meet CCCREEC or instructional standards.

Real Estate Instructor Guides include a variety of faculty-submitted resources to support real estate classes in the California Community Colleges.

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