California Community Colleges Real Estate Education Center

Faculty Adviser Office Hours

Faculty Adviser Office Hours

Have questions or want to workshop an idea with other real estate faculty?

Martin Welc and Brock Schermerhorn, faculty advisers for CCCREEC at Saddleback College, are hosting CCCREEC office hours from 12pm to 1:15pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays during the fall 2018 semester via phone: (949) 395-1765.

They are available to speak with current or prospective CCC real estate instructors about growing your program, getting a job teaching real estate in the California Community Colleges, curriculum, online and in-person teaching strategies, career connections, student scholarships, and other matters regarding the strength of your real estate program.

We hope this will be a valuable support and connection to instructors at many programs who do not currently have a full-time faculty position in real estate or a real estate program department chair. 

CCCREEC Advisory Office Hours
Monday through Wednesday from 12pm to 1:15pm.
Call (949) 395-1765